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Extremist's romancing guide
Extremist's romancing guide

Extremist's romancing guide

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Please see Extremist's Romance Guide (available here) for details. But Viconia said only replic 15 of the all 19, in romance. An A-Z guide to romances in Baldur's Gate 2: SoA (without ToB installed). Extremist's guide to romances is available here:Viconia romance in ToB4 posts15 Mar 2004Anomen Romance: Will he go for an Elf?6 posts28 Dec 2003Help, Jaheira Romance bug! (knowing global variables is 4 posts23 Apr 2003Imoen's Romance9 posts14 Mar 2003More results from www.sorcerers.netRomance FAQ by SLASHR4 - 18, 2001 - BG2 Shadows of Amn (PC game) - Romance FAQ by SlashR4 Ver 2.0 Aerie Profiles Difficulty rating Hints Step by Step walkthrough 3.2. Please see Extremist's Romance Guide (available here) Hi, I'm going through the Jaheira Romance, but for some reason the thing won't evolve. Yay! Can anyone tell me if any races were added to the romance list please. First it covers Romance: Aerie can be romanced if the protagonist is a male Human, Elf, Half-elf, Halfling or Gnome. .. for romances and how to fix them, the "BG2: SOA Romancing Guide by Extremist". I've read the romance guide and as far as I can tell I've completed . Don't set it blindy though, choose carefully what lovetalk you want to jump to (if any) using Extremist's Romancing Guide which you canBG2: SoA Romancing Guide by Extremist (Submitted), 171kb, Download. BG2: SoA Romancing Guide by Extremist has every romance for stock Bioware peeps and numbered LT references and responses. I recommend Extremist's guide at Sorcerer's Place: it has all the answers in SoA. . Taken from the BG2 Romancing Guide by Extremist with help from Slappy.Anomen's quest and romance3 posts16 Dec 2005Speeding up romance doesn't work.10 posts21 Jun 2005Jaheira Romance Walkthrough?7 posts19 Feb 2002More results from www.ironworksforum.comViconia - Pocket Plane 3, 2008 - 4 posts - ?2 authorsI am about to try the Viconia romance for the second time.
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