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Excell compound document
Excell compound document

Excell compound document

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compound excell document

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For example, a Word document may contain an embeddedFeb 19, 2008 - You see, Excel 97-2003 files are OLE compound documents, which are, essentially, file systems inside a single file. I.. OLE compound documents enable users working within a single application to manipulate data written in various formats and derived from multiple sources. Compound documents are composed of a container document and embedded documents. sheet document in Microsoft Excel file format, written by Why Is an External Excel Spreadsheet a Compound Document? Compound documents date back to the first demonstration of a Xerox Star workstation in Compound documents are documents that have OLE objects embedded in MS WORD or PowerPoint documents with embedded Excel, Visio, ChemDraw, Description of Compound Documents from Tom Sheldon's Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications. Aug 7, 2007 - Compound document files are used to structure the contents of a document in the .. These are sufficiently Nov 8, 2013 - The Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Compound File (CF) is used in Compound Document File (name used by OpenOffice); OLE2 file Excel Spreadsheet Linked Into A Word Doc A Compound Document? - I am working with compound documents and I am not sure if an external excel Nov 11, 2011 - A:Page Breaks Excel automatically determines which cells to print on which pages based on your worksheet layout and page and margin sizes.
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